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Can You Stay Overnight At Walmart: Parking At Wal-Mart

The best way to find out if overnight parking is permitted at a nearby Walmart would be to use our search function above.

So, if you're looking for a place to park your RV or trailer, Walmart is the perfect place. You can park upfront at Wal-Mart and sleep in the parking lot.

Why can some Walmart parking lots have strict no overnight parking?

The primary purpose of Walmart's parking lots is mainly for their customers, not people who want to stay there. The company does have some overnight Walmart Parking available in many locations when the size of the parking lot is large enough to accommodate not only their customers but also large vehicles such as RVs, Campers, and Tractor Trailers.

RV Parking at Walmart

It's important to note that you're trying to park overnight when you see "No Overnight Parking" signs at a Walmart. The general rule of thumb is that Walmart will not enforce this rule on local officials. The bottom line is that Walmart, the town, and its people welcome RVers and campers alike, so you should have no issues. However, if you want to be safe, please call Walmart and ask them if they allow RVers to park and sleep overnight at your location. Easily find the local Walmart's phone number by searching above or using our State / City directory.

Important and Helpful Tips when Overnight RV Camping

As we mentioned above, many Walmart stores allow Overnight parking, and in many cases, even with signage stating the opposite, parking is still allowed:

  1. Use our state-by-state directory to find these Walmart campsites.
  2. Check out the amenities offered. Keep in mind that Walmart parking will be a dry camping experience and will be absent from electricity, water, and dumping.
  3. Park your RV in a designated spot, not the spaces allocated for transient customers.
  4. Always clean up your area before leaving.

Put trash in a nearby dumpster or take it with you because moving it to another space where your motorhome camper was parked is not a solution.

Overnight Walmart Parking Best Practices

The best practices for your overnight Walmart stays are keeping it compact, keeping it quiet, and being short. The first thing you should do before coming into the store is park as close to the store as possible. You should try to park in front of a light-colored vehicle if you can, preferably one that is not parked too close, so they will not be able to block you in. If you can't find a spot in front of the store, make sure your vehicle is facing forward as much as possible so that it will be easier to get out later on.

Do your part and shop at Walmart. Businesses like this extend offers such as free overnight parking because they want to win you as a customer. At a minimum, buy some supplies or food for your trip.

History of RV and Camping Parking at Walmart

People may ask, why does Walmart and not other shopping outlets allow RVers free overnight camp parking? It's a great question, and the answer goes way back to the company's founding. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, believed that RVers were a great source of new customer acquisition and thought why not provide RVers a place to stay when traveling the country. Since the beginning, camping at Walmart has been an amenity and remains strong today. But that does not go without a few issues. Some folks take advantage of the situation with every free service, and free Overnight Walmart Parking is no stranger to this. Bad actors have littered, panhandled, and been disruptive, leaving trash behind for employees to pick up.

Safety of Overnight RV Parking

Although many Walmarts are 24/7 and may seem safe, it's always a great idea to keep your eyes and ear open. Lock your vehicle while you sleep or leave it unattended.

Alternative Upside of Walmart Parking

Let's start by saying that Walmart parking is free; staying at a campground is not. But on top of that, you have access to vehicle service for tires or batteries, and you have access to food and supplies within walking distance.

Where else can I park overnight with my RV?

A list of places we have found are:

  • Fly J Pilot
  • Cabelas
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Camping World
  • Rest Areas

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